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  • David D

    FALMOUTH, MI | 2013 GMC Acadia
    Confirmed Service Review
    June 14, 2022
    The staff is great, but I waited an hour and a half for my scheduled oil change. I felt like that was too long
  • Terri T

    CADILLAC, MI | 2022 GMC Acadia
    Confirmed Sales Review
    June 13, 2022
    Great people great experience!
  • James S

    KINGSLEY, MI | 2020 GMC Terrain
    Confirmed Service Review
    June 12, 2022
    Good service visit. 👍
  • Alan P

    CADILLAC, MI | 2022 GMC 1500 Sierra
    Confirmed Sales Review
    June 10, 2022
    That Al Pierce is the best sales guy ever !
  • Larry L

    MANTON, MI | 2022 GMC 1500 Sierra
    Confirmed Sales Review
    June 7, 2022
    My salesman Brad was very knowable ,Couldn’t be happier
  • Elizabeth G

    CADILLAC, MI | 2018 Chevrolet Suburban
    Confirmed Service Review
    June 7, 2022
    It was great
  • Robert O

    ELK RAPIDS, MI | 2017 GMC 1500 Sierra
    Confirmed Service Review
    June 6, 2022
    I have used this dealership for 25 years and always have excellent service.
  • Dewayne P

    LEROY, MI | 2009 Cadillac CTS
    Confirmed Service Review
    June 6, 2022
    I am beginning to believe that Betten Baker GMC does NOT have a single qualified technician on their staff. In February I had an engine installed in my car. It cost 2000 to remove my old engine and 2000 to install the new engine. I paid 1500 for an engine with supposedly 68,000 miles on it. After installing the engine they took my car out for a test drive. Upon returning to the dealership the check engine light came on and I was told that this engine needed a new timing chain and gears. I was told if that was done it should be fine. It was a strong engine except for that. I had them order the new parts. Now I am spending another 2000 on this engine. After this repair I was assured that the car was good to go. This would not be the end of it. My car was misfiring, stumbling and at times barely able to get out of its own way. Yet I was told they can find nothing wrong with my car. When ever they took it for a test drive it they said it wouldn't act up. However as soon as I would get on the highway it would start stumbling so much so that my 13 year old daughter asked me if the car was acting stupid again. If my 13 year old daughter can tell there is something wrong why cant your GMC Qualified Technicians. I have had my car into this dealership several times since this install in February.( Approximately every other week.) All for the same problem. Stumbling, missing, poor drivability. The latest diagnoses was a plugged catalectic converter. This repair was over 1500 dollars and guess what... my car still stumbles, misses and has very poor drivability issues. So to date I have paid over 7500 dollars to have a car that runs no better than the one I had before Betton Baker's mechanics laid their hands on it. Something I have noticed in looking over my receipts is that the new engine never was given a tune up. I.E. new plugs and coils. Something that even I know is standard operating procedure when changing an engine. After all you did charge me about 500 for a new set of gaskets. It seems to me that before the engine was ever installed in the car that new plugs would be installed. There is one positive to all of this and that is the dealership did their best to see to it that I had a loaner vehicle. It basically appears that I paid 7500 for a loaner car because my car is still not running right!